Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yeay....the stock has finally arrived. Bestnye...Big THANKS to Kak Ros for her efforts to shop and post the all the gorgeous handbag to Malaysia. Finally owh my 'COACH' hahahah...seronoknye rasa.
Seriously, I myself couldn’t afford to my those handbag here in Malaysia. Sooo demm expensive!
To Zila, Kak CT, Linda, Raz and Sue – Aku bawak handbag ni gi office Monday nanti k.
You are the most 1st buyer and WILL get lowest price from me.
To others, don’t worry, you may make reservation to book this gorgeous handbag. Just drop me an email. Let me know which one of your desire item and I will reply the email as SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Thank you alllll …. Enjoy the pic below.

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